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Välkommen till Glory Smile, din svenska partner för tandblekning och strålande leenden! Vi är stolta över att erbjuda högkvalitativa tandblekningsprodukter som inte bara ger resultat utan också främjar en hälsosam munvård.

Vår passion för att skapa vackra leenden drivs av en överlägsen förståelse för svensk tandvård och skönhet. Glory Smile har dedikerat sig till att erbjuda en trygg och effektiv tandblekningsupplevelse, med produkter som är skapade med omsorg och framställda med noggrant utvalda veganska ingredienser som inte är testade på djur.

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What is the difference between the V1 and V2 Systems?


  • Laser Lights: V2 features a significant increase in red laser lights, enhancing treatment efficacy.
  • LED Lights: Exclusive to V2, further augmenting overall treatment effectiveness.
  • FDA Approval: Both V1 and V2 are FDA-approved, ensuring safety and efficacy.
  • Technological Advancements: V2 represents the latest innovations, building upon the success of V1.
  • Market Leadership: V2 is now the market leader, acknowledging the foundation set by the innovative V1.

Embrace the evolution of your hair wellness journey with the unparalleled technology of the Laser Hair Treatment System V2, appreciating the progress made from the groundbreaking V1.

Is the treatment dangerous?

The lasers emit red light, a component of the visible spectrum, and are not sufficiently intense to pose any risk to the eyes, skin or yourself.

Due to their brightness, a three-stage safety system has been incorporated to prevent accidental exposure of laser light to the eyes. Even if intentionally bypassed, the lasers will still not cause any harm. However, it is not recommended to purposefully stare into your system.

Does the system get warm?

Unlike other laser therapy products that often generate discomfort due to heat during use, our Laser Hair Treatment System eliminates this issue.

Advanced ventilation shafts are strategically incorporated to redirect the heat from the lasers away, preventing any heat build-up on the head. Rest assured, you can enjoy the benefits of laser therapy without the inconvenience of unpleasant heat on your head.

Can I use the system more often than recommended?

FDA has approved treatments for twice-weekly use, and we strongly recommend adhering to this regimen. However, some individuals have reported using it daily without any side effects, achieving excellent results.

If you choose to exceed our recommended twice-weekly usage, we advise allowing 24 hours of rest between treatments.

Can everyone use the system?

Our system are not intended for use in individuals with current or previous scalp cancer, as the coherent light stimulates activity in both healthy and unhealthy cells.

If you are undergoing cancer treatment, it is advisable to consult with your doctor for appropriate medical guidance, as our system has not been tested on individuals with scalp cancer.

Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals are advised against using our system, and it is recommended to resume use after breastfeeding has concluded. Additionally, individuals with an Ommaya reservoir under the scalp should not use our system without specialist approval. In the event of any device malfunction, discontinue use immediatly.

What is the difference between red laser and LED?

Laser light travels in a straight line, creating a coherent beam that retains its full intensity and power. In contrast, LED light, akin to a light bulb, disperses in all directions and loses penetrating power rapidly as it travels.

Several hair growth devices are constructed with LEDs due to their cost-effectiveness, yet these lack the necessary power to effectively penetrate the base of hair follicles and counteract hair loss.

Will it fit my head?

Our system has been meticulously designed to accommodate 98% of the population. The 2% encountering size issues typically have smaller heads. For such customers, foam pads are available in the package to guarantee a proper fit. Regardless of your head size, you can confidently order your system, knowing it will provide a comfortable fit.

How do I clean my system?

Cleaning the system is a straightforward process – simply wipe the interior and exterior with a cloth to eliminate any oils or residue. There is no requirement for a specialized cleaning product.

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One of the best investments I have ever made for myself. I bought the V2 system and it is highly efficient and simple to use. I'm glad I found this solution instead of a hair transplant.

— Daniel Ericsson

No regrets, hair seems fuller and healthier.

— Markus Stenqvist

The product has stopped my hair loss drastically - I love it

— Annika Hirvonen

Its now my 4 month and I am seeing more apparent results and very happy. I will keep using it and I sure it will just continue to grow more hair and improve. There aren't really bald spots anymore. Thank you!

— Michael D

Incredible results! Initially skeptical, but after the first month, I observed noticeable improvements. Month by month, the positive changes continued. Now, after approximately four months, I boast a thick head of hair. The undeniable results speak for themselves. Thank you, Lescolton!

— David Malik

Really pleased, works excellent!

— Veronica H

I didn't think it would work as well as it actually does! It's very easy to use, and both I and my family are seeing results. Now, even my dad has started using it :) Lucky that we live so close to each other.

— Milan Heller

I chose to buy the V2 because of all the positive reviews I've read about it, and I'm very happy that I did. My hair feels fuller and has more bounce to it!

— James McGill

An absolutely incredible product that does exactly what it promises! I've regained hair on my head, and I'm almost not losing any hair anymore.

— Ava E